Technical Specs
RhinoROC® Airflow

Perf 800Perf 1000
Panel Size600mm x 600mm600mm x 600mm
Panel Thickness (nominal)35.00 mm35.00 mm
Panel Weight9.00 kgs10.00 kgs
System Weight (typical)28.00 kgs34.00 kgs
Point load 25x25mm sq3.56 kN4.45 kN
UDL/SQM10.00 kN12.00 kN
Ultimate load10.68 kN13.34 kN
RhinoROC® Airflow

1.All-steel structural design

2.90% recyclable

3.Light weight easy install and removal

4.Powder-coated, protective epoxy finish

5.Fully interchangeable with other Roc panels

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RhinoROC® Airflow
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