“By deciding to renovate an existing structure you have taken major steps to reduce the impact of construction on the environment and create a green and sustainable design. RhinoRGB® Design Platform provides a cost-effective solution that will help you create “green” indoor environment levels of air, sound, and light quality that promote good health, and create a more productive and comfortable working environment. The RhinoRGB® Design Platform also enhances the aesthetic value of your building - adding significant worth to your business in terms of image and attractiveness for prospective clients and staff.”

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Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

RhinoRGB® Design Platform with under-floor air is a cost effective strategy for improving a facility’s indoor environmental quality. IEQ accounts for 23% of LEED® Credits and has a significant impact on the health, well being, and productivity of personnel and staff.

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Energy and Atmosphere

RhinoRGB® Design Platform outperforms past energy efficiencies by reducing HVAC chiller size by up to 10% and reducing cooling energy consumption by at least 20%.

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Materials and Resources

RhinoRGB® Design Platform is made in China and is constructed of recycled materials that help meet LEED® standards for efficient use of materials and resources. Every element of the RhinoRGB® Design Platform has been designed to provide the ultimate in environmental protection and efficiency.

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Solutions for Green Building Status

Rhino Access Floors created the RhinoRGB® Design Platform to provide businesses with the solutions they need to reach Green Building status. The RhinoRGB® Design Platform offers a number of significant opportunities for your business to achieve LEED® environmental goals and credits. The RhinoRGB® Design Platform contributes to points in three of the five LEED® credit categories – delivering optimum performance in the critical areas of Indoor environmental quality, materials and resources, and in energy and atmosphere.

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Sustainable Solutions

Rhino professionals can show you the most effective solutions for reaching your goal of creating a long-lasting, healthy environment. They can also show you how you can most cost effectively meet your most immediate needs for technology support, communications, data, and power, while building-in opportunities for manageable and low cost reconfiguration in the future. Rhino technicians and engineers can direct you to solutions that have worked for businesses like yours in the past, or provide unique approaches that can solve unusual office challenges.

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Creating Perfect Indoor Environment

To create the perfect environment in a facility you need to address a variety of needs. These needs include maintaining high-quality clean air, improving personal comfort control, attenuating noise, responding to organizational and technology changes quickly and easily, and supporting the overall aesthetic value of the facility – all while being cost-effective in both during building and operation. With RhinoRGB® Design Platform you’ll be able to address all of the factors required to enhance occupant experiences and create the perfect environment that reflects the goals and image of your organization.


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