Technical Specs
Out-door Pedestal
Model No.Performance GradesHeight RangesStatic LoadUltimate Load
1 Circle1/2 Circle1/4 Circle1 Circle1/2 Circle1/4 Circle
PHD00Heavy Duty100-190 mm3,320 kg2,140 kg1,750 kg4,230 kg2,640 kg2,340 kg
PHD01Heavy Duty190-330 mm3,070 kg1,910 kg1,580 kg3,990 kg2,460 kg2,100 kg
PHD02Heavy Duty290-470 mm2,960 kg2,030 kg1,530 kg3,890 kg2,410 kg2,040 kg
PHD03Heavy Duty380-600 mm2,920 kg1,970 kg1,500 kg3,820 kg2,370 kg1,980 kg
PHD04-09Heavy Duty470-1360 mm2,890 kg1,900 kg1,470 kg3,780 kg2,320 kg1,940 kg
  • Outdoor pedestal is an innovative solution for external raised and ventilated terraces.

  • Technology is based on usage height regulated adjustable pedestals supports which can adjust height of every terrace easily.

  • Terrace supports eliminate water laying on the surface, constant humidity, moss and lichen expansion and water drainage problems.

  • Ventilated terrace allows all time access to waterproof layer and easy maintenance.

Out-door Pedestal
  • Pavers: natural stone, concrete tiles, ceramic tiles etc…

  • Timber decking: natural wood, wooden decking, WPC decking etc…

  • Glass or polycarbonate plastic ped

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Out-door Pedestal
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