Technical Specs
RhinoAlutec® Perforated

Panel Size
600 x 600600 x 600600 x 600
Panel Thickness55.00 mm55.00 mm55.00 mm
Panel Weight9.00 kg10.00 kg11.00 kg
System Weight31.07 kg33.85 kg36.63 kg
Concentrated Load4.50 kN5.56 kN6.67 kN
Uniform Load12.00 kN14.83 kN17.80 kN
Ultimate load13.50 kN16.68 kN20.01 kN
  • This rigid grid system is tested in accordance with PSA MOB PS/SPU specification

  • Panel deflection at centre edge must not exceed 2.5mm

  • Performance to a safety factor of 3 x static load

  • Structural performance based upon a full Rhino access floors system i.e. panels & pedestals

RhinoAlutec® Perforated
  • Anti-corrosion and anti-magnetic aluminum perforated tile

  • Impressive acoustic performance

  • Superb underfoot comfort

  • Light weight and high loa

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RhinoAlutec® Perforated
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